• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
preventive vigilance

Good evening aspirants, Today we are with a special article on preventive vigilance topic for  SBI CBO written exam preparation. Hope you find this informative and helpful.

Name of the topic : Preventive vigilance

Important rationales for preventive vigilance

  1. Day Books checking is perfect and performed by rotation by all officials.
  2. All supervising officials maintain individual passing scrolls.
  3. Total of Cash Scroll and Transfers Scroll tallies with the Cash Book figures.
  4. Error Book/Mistake Register is maintained.
  5. Statements of accounts are submitted in time.
  6. Factual position of balancing, or memos, etc. is furnished in the Branch Manager.
  7. Transit Voucher Book is maintained.
  8. Duties of staff members are changed periodically.
  9. Proper care is taken for overnight custody of vouchers and balance books.
  10. Daily statements in respect of Branch Clearing General Account, Drafts Accounts, Agency Clearing, R.T.C., Govt. Accounts, Foreign Department Calcutta. etc. are thoroughly checked and dispatched daily.
  11. Realistic & factual replies to IOA Memos are given promptly after verifying the actual position.
  12. All alterations are authenticated.
  13. Signatures of the constituents’ on letters of authority to debit their accounts, on cheque book requisitions, requests for duplicate passbooks are scrutinized.
  14. Instructions for issue and custody of tokens are observed meticulously.
  15. Acknowledgments of cheque books issued to third parties are received in time.
  16. While issuing duplicate passbooks, proper identification is done.
  17. “Pass Books Retained Register” is maintained on daily basis.
  18. Withdrawals from inoperative accounts are passed after through scrutiny.
  19. Unpaid instruments are entered in ” Cheques Referred and Returned Register” with reasons
  20. New account holders are introduced to the satisfaction of the Bank.
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