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Good evening aspirants, Hope you all are preparing hard for upcoming exam of SBI CBO written on 28/11/2020. Our today’s article will deal in essay and letter writing tips and guidance. Hope you find this informative and helpful.

Name of the exam : SBI CBO


Letter writing is of 2 types :

a. Formal Letters

These kind of letters are usually written to address any government/bank/academic/Institutional Head/ other field related official or any other dignitary specified in the exam.

b. Informal Letters

These kind of letters are usually written to relatives, friends and some other near ones in family.

Tips for writing a perfect letter :

  1. Use proper salutation as per the information given in the exam.
  2. Content must be left aligned.
  3. Avoid to mention your personal address and name in the letter , instead use ABC or XYZ in case there is no sufficient information given in the exam.
  4. Use proper concluding sentence like Yours sincerely/obediently/faithfully in formal letters.
  5. In the introductory part , try to mention the main gist of the letter and then start with the main body.
Formal Letter format :

Sender’s Address

Date : 24th month yyyy

Receiver’s address

Subject : Relevant to letter in 8-10 words

Salutation(Madam/Dear Sir , Sir/Madam)

Introductory Part

Main body

Concluding sentence

Yours sincerely/obediently/faithfully


Informal Letter format

Receiver’s address

Date : dd month yyyy

Salutation : Dear abc/xyz(Name)

Introductory Part

Main body

Concluding sentence

Yours Lovingly


Essay Writing Tips :

1.First, Note down all the main information relevant to the essay in rough and make introductory/main/concluding portion from them.

2.You can also use different introductory quotes at the beginning and also at the end relevant to the essay topic.

3.Divide your essay into multiple sub-headings. It gives a proper layout to the essay and lets the invigilator know that you are thinking in multiple dimensions.

4.Use your updated current affairs knowledge on national issues in essay.


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