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Good evening aspirants, today we are with another special article on updated new salary of IBPS PO (Probationary officersv). Hope you find this article helpful and informative.

New basic salary for scale 1 officers :  Rs. 36000-1490*7-46430-1740*2-49910-1990*7-63840

DA rate as on 01/11/2020 :23.8% of basic pay

HRA : 9/8/7% of basic pay

Special Allowance : 16.4% of basic pay  +DA thereon

Learning allowance: Rs. 600 +DA theron

CCA : Rs. 1400/1150

Location allowance  : Rs. 700 for NON-CCA areas.

Deductions :

NPS : 10% of (Basic +DA) by employee and 14% of (Basic +DA) will be credited by Bank’s side.

Income tax : As per Income slab and investment declaration under IT ACT 1961 in respective financial year.

Gross salary :

Rs.55839(For 7% HRA areas)

Rs.56800(For 8% HRA areas)

Rs. 57309(For 9% HRA areas along with CCA component)

Net Salary after 11th BPS :

Rs.51000(Excluding Income tax deductions)(For 7% HRA areas)

Rs. 52200(Excluding Income tax deductions)(For 8% HRA areas along with CCA component)

Rs.52900(Excluding Income tax deductions)(For 9% HRA areas along with CCA component)


Other Perks and Allowances will be in accordance with posting location and assigned role. 

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